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(Sound) abject is a kind of expression. Album tittle freely refers to an idea of sound object (Pierre Schaeffer) – it is somewhere about a piece/unit of musical perception. Abject – rejected, unwanted, abandoned and exposed… How is it experienced?

A and B refers to cassette or vinyl sides – while endless playlists are often a background/soundtrack of peoples everyday life, listening to a physical objects (that must be taken from a box, placed into a player, turned to another side after some time) could change a status of music and a way of receiving it. Then B becomes “BE” – so there is “a kind of experience” that we feel or keep in mind (possess), but we could also “be” …a kind of experience.

Maybe 8 minutes for a track is too much… More than 4-5 minutes were too much for a radio song… Regularity, sameness of these compositions may verify kinds of sound/musical experience – physical, affective, intellectual and cultural associations. Is it a trap or a release? How “differance” appears in repetition? Is a (human) imperfection an abject or an object of desire… Does a jellyfish (medusa), thrown by the sea on a beach and touched by a lost feather represent these concept?

Are these words and this music a piece of s… abject? A kind of expression…

released November 25, 2018

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