Christophe DonSilencio, John Silver and Josef Ullmann played a lot together but alone. They have chosen five of the recorded tracks and will be working on more.


W 2005. roku Don Silencio (gitara basowa, flety, elektronika) spotkał się z Długim Johnem Silverem (instr. klawiszowe) i Josephem Ullmannem (perkusja). Wspólnie nagrali kilka ścieżek na nowiutkim samplerze Roland Sp555.


(Sound) abject is a kind of expression. Album tittle freely refers to an idea of sound object (Pierre Schaeffer) – it is somewhere about a piece/unit of musical perception. Abject – rejected, unwanted, abandoned and exposed… How is it experienced?


All digitally modified sounds and samples were played on real instruments, such as one crash cymbal, grand piano, souvenir-flute in C, vacuum cleaner, diatonic accordion, washing machine, human voice and bass guitar.

BABOLBAND 2007-2011

Babolband was a tropical-emo-punk supergroup (voc/ukulele, keys, violin, electronics). Concert-performances were played in 2007-2011: among others in Meskal Club (Poznań), at Studio Zduny Festival, in Harris Jazz Club in Cracow and in a former synagogue at Kazimierz in Cracow. These solo recordings were made at home by Babol – a group leader, songwriter, ukulele player and singer.